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How Local Regulations Can Kill AR Mobile Games

In January 2017, Milwaukee County started requiring makers of location-based augmented reality games to apply for a permit before placing points of interest in Milwaukee parks. Luckily, in July, this regulation was ruled as unconstitutional by the Eastern District of Wisconsin. Unluckily, the court’s reasoning left open plenty of room for a second ordinance. You […]

VR Explained for Attorneys (in under 400 words)

Last week, Zenimax was awarded a $500 million judgment against Oculus. While the virtual reality industry may have been flying under the radar, after this recent court case many lawyers have started to take notice. For busy attorneys now delving into the VR industry – what is it? VR is experienced through a “headset” that […]

Can Someone Commit Assault in Virtual Reality?

Many VR games of the present day create ways to interact with other players with minimal rules governing that interaction. For example, in the games Onwards or Smashbox Arena every player is represented by a virtual avatar. The hands of the avatar correspond to the hands of that player in real life. If someone wants […]